We have learned that to capture excellent performance when recording music is to have the right environment. It is one of the essential parts during the recording process. So, if you have ever decided to record your first song at music, don’t forget those things and the necessary studio equipment. Here is the following essential equipment that you will need during the recording process:

• Audio interface

• Microphone

• XLR cable or an awesome microphone cable

• DAW or Digital Audio Workstation

If you already have these things, then it is time to proceed to set up your home studio. Here are the steps:

1. Install your Digital Audio Workstation –connect it first to the machine of your choice. If it is compatible, then proceed to the next step.

2. Check your audio interface’s connection – to make sure that this equipment is function, check whether its wall plug and USB cables are connected or plug, respectively. It depends on what type or brand you are using right now; your computer should recognize the device being connected to it. It might need to have you install drivers or restart your computer after the software’s installation.

3. Connect your mic –to start recording music, make sure that it is connected with your audio interface. It should be joined by an XLR cable.

4. Check on the Microphone Levels – as it is connected, check the mic levels. Depending on the type of software that you have installed, you should be able to track and see the meter to move whenever you sing or talk to the mic. It would help if you also were turning the gain up on the audio interface to complete the setup.

5. Recording time – it depends on the software, you should be checking on your song’s structure, the vocals, the guitar, and the bass. It is all up to you on what is our strategy. However, if your software has already a multi-track technology, then everything will become easier for you.

Are you ready to start recording music at the comfort of your home?